This is wear 😉 it all started, our original Ruff House t-shirts. Crystal and Michael have been wearing this design and style since the first days of business. The colors have changed but the design is the same. They are a 60/40 cotton/poly mix that doesn’t shrink in the dryer, doesn’t wrinkle up, is comfortable to wear when we are hot and sweaty from working with the doggies. They are hands down, our favorite t-shirts. We each have at least a dozen clean ones in the drawer at any time and wear them nearly every day. They are a “slim-fit,” come in a standard or ladies style and cut a flattering profile no matter your shape!

Original Ruff House Treat Pouches

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Original Ruff House Treat Pouches

Original Ruff House slim-fit, 60/40 cotton/poly blend t-shirt in men’s and ladies cut

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