Professional Dog Training

We teach you how to speak your dog's language
so you can train them better!

Untrained Dogs Live Shorter Lives

Dogs thrive on mental stimulation to keep them happy.  A bored dog can become depressed, anxious, and even ill.  As they age, they must keep their mind active with training, socialization, games, one-on-one attention, and other enrichment activities.

We Understand Dog Problems

As dog owners ourselves we know how important it is to have a well trained dog that is able to be socialized with their surroundings.  That’s why over the last decade we’ve helped thousands of families train their dogs to live a happy life together.

How It Works

Start Relationship

First we want to start a relationship with you to see if we are a good fit for you and your pet’s needs.

Get Approved

We’ll ask questions about your dog’s personality, tendencies, behavior patterns, past history, and more.  

Begin Training

Once approved you’ll be able to select the classes available for you and your pet and become part of the Ruff House Family.