Our Home School Extensive Program (HEP) takes place in your home where many of our pup’s behavior issues occur. We custom tailor your HEP program to overcome the specific behavior issues your dog is struggling with.

Our skilled trainers will train your dog for one hour daily for five days, Monday – Friday, for two weeks, or more depending on your training goals. On Friday of each week of training the trainer will train WITH you to review and teach you what has been covered that week. We will also give you your “homework” for the weekend. NOTE:  HEP training clients must complete a minimum 2-Week program for their initial HEP Program.

HEP Program Includes:

  • Command step by step guides and videos emailed to you after each training session.
  • Bound booklet of all commands and exercises taught.
  • Membership in a secret Ruff House HEP Facebook group with additional training information and videos. You can also post pictures, videos and ask the group and your trainer questions after training hours while you are doing your homework.
  • One hour follow-up, training session two weeks after your last HEP session during which we will again review what was taught and answer any additional questions you may have.
  • BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE:  After completing our HEP Program you will get group obedience class FREE for one year!

Home School Extensive Program - HEP

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Home School Extensive Program - HEP

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