Our Group Puppy Obedience Classes are designed to benefit the social development of your puppy while enhancing their bond with you. In class puppy parents will learn all they’ll need to know to develop happy, mannerly, well-socialized adult dogs and to make the most of their pup’s potential. Our training approach is dog friendly, gentle, effective, enjoyable, and designed to be mastered by all members of the family, kids included.

The goals of our puppy group training are as follows:

1) Increase your puppy’s confidence and calmness by exposing them to new objects, sounds and experiences.

2) Teach you and your puppy basic obedience behaviors and how to handle common, unwanted puppy behaviors.

3) Socialize your puppy using structured, off-leash play time with the other puppies in the class.

Puppy training is divided into two parts to meet your puppy behavior goals most effectively.

Puppy Part One:
4-Week Puppy Part One is for puppies 8-20 weeks (2-5 months) of age and is the starting point on their way to becoming well-mannered and well-adjusted members of the family. You will learn the beginnings of fundamental obedience and manners skills like sit, down, recall and on-leash manners. Additional attention is paid to house training, nipping, mouthing, jumping up, inappropriate chewing, excessive barking, desensitization and socialization.

Puppy Part Two:
4-Week Puppy Part Two is for puppies that have graduated from Puppy Part One or have done private-training sessions with us and are under 40 weeks (10 months) of age. This class focuses on more advanced skills including stay, applied recall exercises, and mastering self-control, leash manners, and reliability with an increase in distractions.

Puppy Obedience Classes

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Puppy Obedience Classes


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