About us

It’s embarrassing when your dog is out of control and frustrating when you can’t fix it, we get it. Our unique approach shows you how to speak your dog’s language, so they’ll want to listen and behave, now walks are easier and going out in public is fun.
Since 2011, veteran owned, and operated Ruff House Dog Training has helped thousands of dog owners and their dogs by delivering highly effective dog training together with an unmatched customer-service experience!
Master Dog Trainer / Owner
Crystal Blaker is a Tucson native and has decades of dog-training experience. She holds a B.S. degree in Animal Science from the University of Arizona. She is a certified trick dog trainer, certified AKC CGC evaluator, Pet VIP dog therapy team member and World Champion dog agility competitor. She is always improving her dog training abilities by frequently completing continuing education courses . Prior to Ruff House she spent 4-years as the Animal Enrichment & Behavior Coordinator for Humane Society of Southern Arizona. [...]
Operations / Owner
Michael Blaker is a Pennsylvania native and moved to Arizona after high school. Since relocating to Tucson he has worked in commercial real estate and banking, met and married Crystal and serves as a military reservist. Michael brings years of sales, marketing and operations experience to Ruff House Dog Training's daily operation. [...]
Dog Trainer
Ariel Berger is a Virginia native.  She has been working with animals for decades and is passionate about helping people and dogs enjoy a great life together.  Her experience includes years of dog grooming and training.  She is pet CPR and first-aid certified, a certified AKC STAR Puppy and Trick Title evaluator, a  member of the Int'l Assoc of Canine Professionals,  and continues to sharpen her dog training skills through ongoing completion of continuing education courses.  She adopted her dog Sugar from Pima Animal Care Center.  [...]
Training Administrator
Hayley Davidson is a Tucson native.  She time at Ruff House has included work as a dog trainer and animal caretaker.  Along with her Australian Shepard Rosie she holds the title 4H Grand Champion in Showmanship, Agility, Rally and Obedience at the Pima County Fair.  Her studies have included Pima County Community College and Pima County JTED.  She recently married her high school sweetheart.   [...]
Director of Dog Sports
Wrigley is a Goldendoodle and serves as the Director of Dog Sports. Her primary responsibility before her recent retirement from agility competition was working as Crystal’s dog agility competition partner. Crystal and Wrigley continue to perform certified therapy dog work through the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s VIP Therapy Dog program, are 2018 World Champions [...]
Director of Treat Consumption
Larry, a Miniature Poodle, was adopted from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) in 2012. He is the oldest of our 4 pups at over 10 years old. His favorite activities include eating, chasing tennis balls, playing tug, snuggling and oh….. eating. He is very active old man and super fast! [...]
Agility Intern
Bindi, an Australian Shepherd/Standard Poodle mix was adopted from HSSA in 2018. She is showing great promise for a strong future in canine agility competition. There is no missing the Aussie in her as she leads with her back end when she is excited and approaches you. Stay tuned for news of her upcoming dog [...]